'an artist's pride', b&w linoleum block print,  edition of  25 , hand cut, hand printed, hand signed in pencil by Lagana.   the quote that builds the image is from William Butler Yeats.      "Test every work of intellect or faith, and everything that your own hands have wrought, and call those works extravagance of breath, that are not suited to such men as come, proud, openeyed and laughing to the tomb."    Also in 2 color editions.  

The frame above is covered in fabric and designed  not to need a molding.  I think moldings, no matter how slim visually impinge on the picture, and this frame  blends with the architecture, becomes a part of the wall much more than a picture with molding.  The entire frame is, maybe 5/8in.  . The fabric is a faux Thai silk.      (lines are reflections on the glass)
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