Lagana works in linoleum block for the tactile feel of ink on fine paper, the robust hand cut lines and shapes.  She pulls her own prints in small editions of 3 - 50 - after playing with mixing colors until two color prints are seldom alike.  Her paper is Japanese mulberry  (rice paper) unless other wise noted, each numbered, dated, and signed in pencil by Lagana, and usually followed with  imp., (for 'impressit' . . . the artist printed it.)

In college. Lagana worked in b&w, but after moving to Thailand, the intensity & granduer of the Thai countryside wanted color. . . She began cutting & printing large, bright hued  fantasies & scenes of Thailand.  In 1971 Lagana married a Thai & they spent  time with his large family  alongside a farming canal beyond both roads & electricity.  Friends & family all served as subjects for the recording of a lifestyle that was
disappearing even as it was recorded by photograph or print.       She is writing a book about it:  "The Last Real Death", that soon will be featured on this website.

scenes of Thailand 

b & w  college prints


new work        

lagana cards