1974. State II, b&w&color  linoleum block print, .  24 "x  30" approx.  First and only b&w&color edition of  8.    Hand cut, hand printed, hand signed in pencil by Lagana.  The paper is acid free Japanese mulberry.paper.  There are only two left:

The quote is from William Blake:
"When I first married you, I gave you all my whole Soul.  I thought that thou would love my loves and joy in my delights, seeking for pleasures in my pleasures, O daughter of Babylon.  Then though wast lovely, mild and gentle.  Now thou art terrible in jealously and unlovely in my sight, because thou hast cruely cut off my loves in fury till I have no love left for thee.  .

These frames are covered in fabric and designed not to need a molding.  I think moldings, no matter how slim visually impinge on the picture, and that this frame  blends with the architecture, becomes a part of the wall much more than a                                                                picture with molding.  The entire frame hugs the wall it's so  slim, maybe 5/8in.  .

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