Thoughts on Time & Other Philosophies : Poetry etc.

Thoughts on Time & Other Philosophies

by Lagana on 10/18/13







I can tell you how Tinkerbell did it. . .

Fly somewhere over the rainbow

Past anybody's lullaby.

She just let go

And floated up,

But she'd been used to it.


So how did how Wendy do it . . .

Slip between the spaces between the words

Without a trace of a thought to hold on to?


She must have just let go

And fallen up.




*     *     *     *

Death. . . .


Is the screaming silence

That lurks behind each thought,








Death is the winking change

In every wonder,

Each birth,

Each love,

Each pulsing sigh.


Death is the mind's black hole,

That passage

Through which

Each comfort,


And we, ourselves

Must fly.




*     *     *     *



           The final, black,

Alligator silence

Lumbered in

With armor slinking,

Slapped its tail across his chest,

And yawned its jaws

Above his face.


"You don't scare me."

His last words gurgled after.

"You're just another

Of those alligator pups

That crawled around my bed at night

When I was a boy."










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